Finished, Passed all 5 AWS Certification exams

Ok, that was pretty intense. About 5 months of studying nights and weekends. Plus a heathy dose of actual implementation of the subject matter for work and for hobby projects. »

Shifting Priorities

So I've stopped my Coursera Data Science Track efforts for the time being. I've decided that furthering my AWS knowledge is more applicable to my current software development career since »

Using AWS Scheduled Scaling for non-production EC2 Instances

This is mostly an experiment I undertook to practice working with AWS Cloud Formation and the AWS Scheduled Scaling feature. It is not meant to be something you would use »

Starting The Coursera Data Science Track

I've started the sequence of nine 4 week courses + capstone at Coursera. Mostly doing this to learn how to more effeciently collect and prepare data in my day to day »

Tests Are Just Clients

In my software career, I've often seen the task of writing software tests perceived as a mundane, and/or not worth it. Here is how I like to think about »

iTerm Background Color Switching by Hostname

I finally got some time to research a feature I wish I had: Automatic switching of terminal background color based on the current hostname. I work on an OSX macbook »